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Viewer Engagement

Engagement metrics help you track the success of your videos by measuring how many people are watching and for how long.

Viewer Engagement Dashboard


Views counts the total number of views that started during the selected time interval. This is calculated differently from the views in Quality of Experience metrics, which counts the total number of views that ended during the selected time interval.

Unique Viewers

Unique Viewers counts distinct viewers based on the start time of the associated view, using Viewer ID to determine uniqueness. If a Viewer ID isn't provided, the default Viewer ID generated by the Mux SDK is used. We recommend setting a meaningful, anonymized Viewer ID to get an accurate Unique Viewer count. The Viewer ID should not use any value that contains personally identifiable information (such as email address, username, etc).

Playing Time

Playing Time is the total time (in hours) that viewers watched playing video content or ads, and excludes rebuffering, seeking, and paused time.

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