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Play your assets with Mux Player

Mux Player is a drop in component for adding Mux videos into your web application

Mux Player is a drop-in component that you can put in your web application to play Mux assets. Mux Player supports:

  • on-demand assets
  • live streams
  • low-latency live streams
  • DVR mode for live or low-latency live streams

Mux Player can be used as either a web component (<mux-player> from @mux/mux-player), or a React component (<MuxPlayer /> from @mux/mux-player-react)

Mux Player is fully-featured video player for content hosted by Mux Video. Mux Player is fully integrated with Mux Data without any extra configuration. Mux Player provides a responsive UI based on video player dimensions and stream type, automatic thumbnail previews and poster images, and modern video player capabilities (fullscreen, picture-in-picture, Chromecast, Airplay).

Quick start

Here are some examples of Mux Player in action.

HTML element

Install with either npm, yarn or load Mux Player from the hosted script.

npm install @mux/mux-player@latest
yarn add @mux/mux-player@latest
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
  metadata-video-title="Test VOD"

When using the HTML element version of Mux Player, you will see the Player Software in Mux Data come through as mux-player.


You will need to select one of the package options below. Both examples will automatically update the player. You can always anchor the package to a specific version if needed.

npm install @mux/mux-player-react@latest
yarn add @mux/mux-player-react@latest
import MuxPlayer from "@mux/mux-player-react"; 

export default function App() {
  return (
        video_id: "video-id-54321",
        video_title: "Test video title",
        viewer_user_id: "user-id-007",

When using the React version of Mux Player, you will see the Player Software in Mux Data come through as mux-player-react.

Adaptive controls

As seen in the examples above, the available player controls will adjust based on your video's stream type:

  • on-demand (video on demand)
  • live (a regular live stream)
  • ll-live (a low latency live stream)
  • live:dvr (a live stream that allows the user to seek back)
  • ll-live:dvr (a low latency live stream that allows the user to seek back)

The following will also appear in some use cases based on support detection:

Understand the features and core functionality of Mux Player
Interate Mux Player in your web application. See examples in popular front end frameworks.
Customize Mux Player to match your brand

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