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Spaces iOS SDK releases

Release notes for every version of the Spaces iOS SDK

Current release


  • Fix: internal fixes.

Previous releases


  • Fix: local camera VideoTrack no longer limited to 10 frames per second.


  • Fix: Checking for VideoTrack hasMedia is no longer needed when initializing SpacesVideoView.
  • Fix: CameraCaptureOptions.CaptureDeviceSpecifier emits the camera position or unique ID when logged.


  • Fix: SpacesVideoView layout letterboxes video frame when view and video frame are both in portrait orientation
  • Fix: SpacesVideoView may not apply its current orientationConfiguration if set before start of video rendering
  • Known Issue: SpacesVideoView may present distorted video frames during the first few rendering cycles when initially rendering a track or right after a fresh app launch

1.0.0 🎉

  • iOS SDK goes GA
  • Feature: Fixed video orientation setting in SpacesVideoView.
  • Feature: Publishing a screenshare video track.
  • Known Issue: When initializing with or setting a VideoTrack, SpacesVideoView may not display video if hasMedia is false. As a workaround, initialize SpacesVideoView after first checking that hasMedia is true.


  • Breaking: audioTracks and videoTracks on Participant no longer settable
  • Breaking: AudioTrack, Participant, VideoTrack have an altered Equatable implementation. The prior implementation used only the id property for Participant and id & hasMedia for AudioTrack and VideoTrack. The new implementation compares additional fields.
  • Feature: send and receive arbitrary data by using custom events
  • Feature: set and get participant display names
  • Feature: Subscription mode
    • Spaces SDKs offer an automatic mode and a manual mode for subscribing to participants
    • Use automatic subscriptions for server-side control based on a priority-setting algorithm optimized for interactivity
    • Use manual subscriptions for complete programmatic control over subscription behavior
  • Improvement: The SDK will use automatic mode when joining a Space unless specified otherwise using SpaceOptions. The default limit is 8 participants
  • Improvement: The maximum participant limit for automatic mode is now 16
  • Fix: Space.EventPublishers now emits an event when a local audio or video track is muted
  • Fix: Space.EventPublishers no longer emits participantJoined and participantLeft events for the local participant
  • Fix: Crash when SpacesVideoView receives a track-related internal notification
  • Fix: Space.Event.disconnected may not be correctly reported if the SDK is disconnected by the server
  • Known Issue: Unpublishing and republishing a track during the same session may result in an error


  • Fix: Camera capture may not resume when returning back to foreground when a camera video track is published to a space


  • Improvement: Added API to disable and re-enable remote audio tracks
  • Improvement: Improved audio configuration during SDK initialization
  • Fix: The SDK audio did not adjust output audio when the system audio changes


  • Breaking: Modified availableDevices to be statically accessible via captureDevices static property on Space and renamed to availableVideoDevices to make it more clear this method is for video devices only. This change makes it possible for us to introduce audio device-specific APIs here in the future.
  • Breaking: Space.Event, event details, and EventPublishers convenience methods have undergone a one-time transition to ensure an easy-to-use SDK API and minimize client boilerplate code. We are planning to introduce enhanced Swift Concurrency compatibility to the Space.Event API in the future.
  • Improvement: Support for iOS 14 as a deployment target.
  • Improvement: hasMedia exposed for AudioTrack and VideoTrack.
  • Improvement: Expose a list of video AVCaptureDevice.Format supported by the SDK for each camera.
  • Fix: Space.Event.audioTrackSubscribed or Space.Event.videoTrackSubscribed may have failed to be sent by the SDK.
  • Fix: The SDK may have incorrectly reported a join failure when disconnecting from a space.

Known Issues:

  • SpacesVideoView defaults to displaying video in portrait orientation when the device orientation is face-up or face-down.
  • Space.Event.audioTrackMuted, Space.Event.audioTrackUnmuted, Space.Event.videoTrackMuted, Space.Event.videoTrackUnmuted will not be sent for local tracks.
  • Space.Event.disconnected may not be correctly reported if the SDK is disconnected by the server.


  • This SDK is Beta software and may contain issues or missing functionality. We recommend against submitting apps based on it to the App Store.
  • SDK API may change across minor and patch versions until the SDK reaches v1.0.0. Please reach out with any feedback about your experiences with the SDK.

Known Issues:

  • Visual artifacts or distortions can be seen when rendering a local video track in portrait orientation.
  • This version of the SDK does not support simulcasting.
  • This version of the SDK uses automatic subscriptions with a participant limit of 25.

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