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Mux Real-Time Video has been sunset and is unavailable for new usage. Existing access will end on December 31, 2023. We recommend migrating your application to our partner, LiveKit. Please reach out to if you need more help or details.

Spaces Web SDK releases

Release notes for every version of the Spaces Web SDK

Current release


Previous releases


  • Fix: Handle subscriber role participants calling .leave() on a Space
  • Improvement: Unpublish screen-share audio tracks when the browser dialog is closed
  • Improvement: PublishTrackError when publishing an empty array of LocalTracks
  • Improvement: Additional documentation around getLocalTracksFromMediaStream


  • Feature: Custom Events
  • Feature: getLocalTracksFromMediaStream to create LocalTracks from a MediaStream
  • Improvement: Default subscriptions set from 20 to 16
  • Enforcement: Limit the number of published tracks per source

1.0.0 🎉

  • Spaces GA initial release
  • Breaking: getUserMedia and getDisplayMedia are no longer methods on LocalParticipant. Use import { getUserMedia, getDisplayMedia } from '@mux/spaces-web' instead.


  • Fix: Improve WebSocket reconnect behavior in edge cases


  • Feature: WebSocket reconnect
  • Improvement: Cleanup published tracks and participants on leave
  • Improvement: Submit ACR score after leaving a space
  • Improvement: LocalTrack stopping
  • Improvement: Remove Sentry
  • Improvement: Simplify getUserMedia and getDisplayMedia constraints
  • Improvement: Max subscriptions set from 25 to 20


  • Improvement: Update QoS analytics tooling
  • Improvement: Add the icecandidate event hook before connecting to avoid missing candidates


  • Breaking: Deprecate .subscribed for .isSubscribed()
  • Improvement: Add QoS analytics tooling
  • Improvement: Un-publish screen share tracks from browser dialog "Stop" button
  • Fix: Wait for onloadedmetadata event before detecting video track width & height


  • Feature: Manual Subscriptions
  • Improvement: Allow boolean setting for video and audio
  • Improvement: Option to set subscription limit for automatic mode
  • Fix: RemoteParticipant.subscribed when subscribing or unsubscribing in manual mode

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