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Spaces Web SDK releases

Release notes for every version of the Spaces Web SDK

Current release


Previous releases


  • Fix: Handle subscriber role participants calling .leave() on a Space
  • Improvement: Unpublish screen-share audio tracks when the browser dialog is closed
  • Improvement: PublishTrackError when publishing an empty array of LocalTracks
  • Improvement: Additional documentation around getLocalTracksFromMediaStream


  • Feature: Custom Events
  • Feature: getLocalTracksFromMediaStream to create LocalTracks from a MediaStream
  • Improvement: Default subscriptions set from 20 to 16
  • Enforcement: Limit the number of published tracks per source

1.0.0 🎉

  • Spaces GA initial release
  • Breaking: getUserMedia and getDisplayMedia are no longer methods on LocalParticipant. Use import { getUserMedia, getDisplayMedia } from '@mux/spaces-web' instead.


  • Fix: Improve WebSocket reconnect behavior in edge cases


  • Feature: WebSocket reconnect
  • Improvement: Cleanup published tracks and participants on leave
  • Improvement: Submit ACR score after leaving a space
  • Improvement: LocalTrack stopping
  • Improvement: Remove Sentry
  • Improvement: Simplify getUserMedia and getDisplayMedia constraints
  • Improvement: Max subscriptions set from 25 to 20


  • Improvement: Update QoS analytics tooling
  • Improvement: Add the icecandidate event hook before connecting to avoid missing candidates


  • Breaking: Deprecate .subscribed for .isSubscribed()
  • Improvement: Add QoS analytics tooling
  • Improvement: Un-publish screen share tracks from browser dialog "Stop" button
  • Fix: Wait for onloadedmetadata event before detecting video track width & height


  • Feature: Manual Subscriptions
  • Improvement: Allow boolean setting for video and audio
  • Improvement: Option to set subscription limit for automatic mode
  • Fix: RemoteParticipant.subscribed when subscribing or unsubscribing in manual mode

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