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Offline Viewing

How to enable downloading of a video for watching when a device is offline.

An option that some apps give users is the ability to download a video locally so it can be watched later without an internet connection. This can be useful when going into an area with poor or no internet connection (like an airplane) or to avoid expensive mobile data plan costs by downloading a video at home.

To provide this option you can use the MP4 Support feature of a Mux Asset. Compared to Mux's default HLS (.M3U8) format which has lots of files to enable different video qualities dynamically, an MP4 is a self-contained single-quality video file which is easier for your application to manage the downloading and storage of.

When MP4s are ready, you'll usually have a few video qualities to choose from. Video apps will often give users an option for which quality to download, allowing them to choose a high quality version when they want the best quality or a lower quality version when they want to conserve data or download the video faster.

If you want to show your viewers a download link in the browser, you may correctly assume that just linking to the mp4 versions will go to/start playing back the file right in the browser. To get around this, all modern browsers support the download attribute on anchor tags, which simply lets the browser know to download the target instead of trying to navigate to it.

<!-- Just add the "download" attribute to a link and set it to whatever the filename should be -->
<a download="your-clip-title.mp4" href="{PLAYBACK_ID}/low.mp4">Download this clip</a>

Let us know if you have any questions on this topic, or if you have any examples of this feature in your own app that you'd like to share.

Updated 2 years ago

Offline Viewing

How to enable downloading of a video for watching when a device is offline.

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