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Limit which Environments a user has access to in the Dashboard

Learn how to restrict which Environments a user can see in the Dashboard

This feature lets Admins limit what Environments a given user can access within the Dashboard.

All management of Environment access is done in the Dashboard under User > Organization.

Admin use of Environment restrictions

Admins have the following permissions:

  • Access to all Environments
  • View what Environments any given user has access to
  • See what users can access a specific Environment
  • Apply Environment restrictions to a user invitation
  • Manage Environment restrictions for all users

Inviting new users with Environment restrictions

Upon inviting a new user to an organization, Admins must provide at least one (1) Environment that the new user can access.

Modify Environment access for existing users

Admins can modify the Environment restrictions for users at any time. Clicking on a user under User > Organization will display a list of the Environments that user has access to in the Dashboard, which can be toggled on/off and applied on Save. All users must have access to at least one (1) environment.

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