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Integrate with Prepr

Prepr works with Mux out of the box. No configuration needed.

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Mux is enabled for every new Prepr account by default. You can upload your videos to Prepr, add them to a content model and query their URLs to display them on your website. Follow the steps below to get started.

1Upload video content to Prepr

  1. Create a free Prepr account before you get started.
  2. Log in to the Prepr dashboard and navigate to Publish > Media Library.
  3. Click Upload Asset
  4. Drag in one or more video files or click Browse files to select the files.
  5. Click Add 1 item to add the item(s) to your library.

2Add videos to content models

Once your video(s) have been uploaded, you can add them to a content model. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Content Models.
  2. Create a new model or open one of your existing models.
  3. Click Add field and select Assets.
  4. Enter a Display name.
  5. Deselect all options except Video in the Settings tab.

3Query video information using GraphQL

Now you can query the URL(s) of your videos to embed them on your website.

To learn how to play video content on your website, please follow these instructions provided by Mux.

Your query could look something like the example below. In this example, Posts is the name of your content model and videos is the name of the assets field you created. It has various options:

  • The HLS streaming URL is returned by default.
  • You may use the res option to request MP4 versions in high, medium and/or low quality to support legacy browsers that do not support HLS.
  • You may query the duration of video content using the duration option.
  • The cover image can be requested using the 'cover' field. It is adjustable using width, height and time arguments.
Posts {
items {
videos {
hls : url
mp4High : url(res:"high")
mp4Medium : url(res:"medium")
mp4Low : url(res:"low")

Set up playback

Set up your iOS application, Android application or web application to start playing your Mux assets

Preview your video content

Now that you have Mux assets, build rich experiences into your application by extracting images from your videos

Integrate Mux Data

Add the Mux Data SDK to your player and start collecting playback performance metrics.

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