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Stream export data to a Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic

Learn how to send streaming exports data from Mux to Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Streaming Exports are available on select plans, such as Mux Data Media.

In order to stream exports from Mux to a Pub/Sub topic, you'll need to set up a topic in your Google Cloud account. Mux will write data to the topic as it becomes available. This guide covers the high-level steps required for setup.

1Add a new streaming export

To add a new streaming export, go to Settings > Streaming Exports in your Mux dashboard. From that tab, click New streaming export to open the configuration modal.

Select the type of data you want to export, the environment you want to send data from, the export format, and select Google Cloud Pub/Sub as the service.

2Set up a topic in Google Cloud Pub/Sub

You'll need to complete the following setup in your Google Cloud account before you can create a new streaming export in Mux:

  1. (Optional) If you want to use a schema with your Pub/Sub topic, you can create one using the Protobuf spec for the data you are exporting, which is available in the mux-protobuf repository.
  2. Create a Pub/Sub topic. If you're creating a topic with a schema, set the message encoding to Binary.
  3. Add the Mux service account to the topic as a Principal with the Pub/Sub Publisher role. The Mux service account is shown in the configuration modal.

3Finish setup in Mux

In the configuration modal, provide the Pub/Sub topic name. This should be the full topic name, including the project ID, and match the format projects/{project-id}/topics/{topic-id}.

Click Enable export, and your streaming export will be activated immediately. We will start streaming data as soon as it becomes available.

Process messages

With your export set up, you can begin consuming incoming messages. For more information on the message format and processing data, see the main Export raw Mux data guide.

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