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Monitor Agnoplay player service

This guide walks through integration with Agnoplay to collect video performance metrics with Mux Data. Because Agnoplay has Mux Data fully pre-integrated there will be no need of any development effort to activate Mux Data.

Third-party integration

This integration is managed and operated by Agnoplay. Feedback should be made through your Agnoplay representative or

Environment key

Get your ENV_KEY from the Mux environments dashboard.

Env Key is different than your API token

ENV_KEY is a client-side key used for Mux Data monitoring. These are not to be confused with API tokens which are created in the admin settings dashboard and meant to access the Mux API from a trusted server.

Contact Agnoplay

Contact your Agnoplay representative through or, and provide them with your environment key.

Wait for the magic

The Agnoplay support team will add your environment key to the configuration of Agnoplay instance, after which your Mux Data environment will be populated with data within minutes. That's all to it.

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