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Basic Playback

When an asset is created, one or more Playback IDs are created for the asset. Playback IDs are used with to play an asset using specific permissions.{PLAYBACK_ID}.m3u8

Replace {PLAYBACK_ID} with your asset's playback ID, then follow your video player's instructions for providing a video source. (Examples Below)

Supported Formats

Mux supports playback via HLS (.m3u8) for the majority of use cases. See the HLS playback support guide for help understanding which players/platforms support HLS. In addition Mux supports playback via MP4s, as described here: MP4 Support.

Additional formats such as DASH, WebM, and others will be supported in the future.

What's Next

Specific Player Platform Examples

Web Video Playback
iOS Video Playback


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