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Full data exports

Understand how to interpret the data that comes with the Exports API.

Full data exports are available via the Exports APIAPI.

Use this API to get a list of CSV files available for download. Each CSV file is a single day of data and includes every single dimension collected by Mux, for each single video view. The table below details each of these data fields.

Data Fields Details

  • Filter: some fields are available as filters and breakdowns in aggregate reports (as well as in the API and video view page).
  • View: some fields appear as attributes of a view on the individual video view page (as well as in the API).
  • API: some fields are only available via API or data export.
  • Metrics: some fields enable Mux to track additional metrics.
Mux API ValueUnitTypeDefinition
player_posterURLAPIThe image shown as the pre-visualization before play
video_startup_preroll_request_timeMillisecondsMetricTotal amount of Video Startup Time that is spent making preroll ad requests
cdnTextFilterCDN delivering the video view (either determined by Mux (network metrics), or provided as video_cdn (Custom Metadata))
video_startup_preroll_load_timeMillisecondsMetricTotal amount of Video Startup Time that is spent loading the first preroll ad asset
player_source_widthIntegerViewWidth of the source video being as seen by the player
video_languageTextAPIThe audio language of the video, assuming it's unchangeable after playing.
country (country_code)ISO CodeUI2-letter Country Code
viewer_application_engineTextAPIWeb Browser Engine (Gecko, WebKit, etc)
video_durationMillisecondsView(Custom Metadata) The length of the video supplied to Mux via custom metadata
property_idUnique IDUIMux Property ID, linked with a specific environment (also sometimes called Env Key)
player_languageTextAPIPlayer's text language
player_load_timeMillisecondsMetricUnused (deprecated - see player_startup_time)
latitudeDegreesViewLatitude of the viewer, truncated to 1 decimal place
player_view_countIntegerAPIView Count - equal to 1 in Full Exports (1 line = 1 video view)
preroll_ad_tag_hostnameHostnameFilterHostname of a Preroll Ad Tag
operating_system (viewer_os_family)TextFilterOperating System (iOS, Windows, etc)
video_variant_nameTextAPI(Custom Metadata) An optional detail that allows you to monitor issues with the files of specific versions of the content, for example different audio translations or versions with hard-coded/burned-in subtitles.
max_request_latency (view_max_request_latency)MillisecondsMetricMaximum time to first byte for a media request
rebuffer_percentagePercentageMetricVolume of rebuffering that is occurring across the view
experiment_nameTextFilter(Custom Metadata) A/B Testing: use this field to separate views into different experiments
player_source_heightIntegerViewHeight of the source video being sent to the player, in pixels
video_content_typeTextAPI(Custom Metadata) Content Type (e.g. 'short', 'movie', 'episode', 'clip', 'trailer', or 'event')
player_mux_plugin_versionVersionViewMux Integration Plugin version (e.g. 2.2.0)
view_max_downscale_percentagePercentageMetricMaximum Downscale Percentage at any point in time during a video view
viewer_device_categoryTextAPIThe type of device used (e.g. console, desktop, phone, tablet, tv)
rebuffer_duration (buffering_duration)MillisecondsMetricAmount of time in milliseconds that viewers wait for rebuffering per video view.
operating_system_version (viewer_os_version)VersionFilterOperating System version (e.g. OS X 10.6)
max_upscale_percentage (view_max_upscale_percentage)PercentageMetricMaximum Upscale Percentage at any point in time during a video view
preroll_playedBooleanFilterFlag to identify video views for which a Preroll Ad has been successfully played.
rebuffer_frequency (buffering_rate)Events per millisecondMetricMeasures how often rebuffering events happen
preroll_requestedFilterBooleanFlag to identify video views for which a Preroll Ad has been requested
browser (viewer_application_name)TextFilterBrowser used for the video view (Safari, Chrome, etc.)
page_typeTextAPI(Custom Metadata) Provides the context of the page for more specific analysis. Values include watchpage or iframe
cityTextViewCity of the viewer
view_idUnique IDViewUnique View Identifier
view_total_downscalingMillisecondsAPIInternal number used to calculate Downscale Percentage Metric. Downscale Percentage = view_total_downscaling / view_total_content_playback_time
player_widthIntegerViewWidth of the player as displayed in page, in pixels
video_producerTextAPI(Custom Metadata) The producer of the video title
view_seek_countIntegerAPIThe number of times that the viewer attempted to seek to a new location within the view.
browser_version (viewer_application_version)VersionFilterBrowser version (e.g. Chrome 66.0.3359.158)
asnIntegerFilterAutonomous System Number uniquely identifying each network
video_encoding_variantTextAPI(Custom Metadata) An optional detail that allows you to compare different encoding settings.
player_startup_timeMillisecondsMetricMeasures the time from when the player is first initialized in the page to when it is ready to receive further instructions.
regionTextViewRegion of the viewer
player_autoplayBooleanViewIndicates whether the player autoplayed the video or not
preroll_ad_asset_hostnameHostnameFilterHostname of the Preroll Ad Asset
player_instance_idUnique IDAPIIdentifies the instance of the Player class that is created when a video is initialized
exits_before_video_start (exit_before_video_start)BooleanMetricIdentifies when a viewer abandons the video because it is taking too long to load
player_softwareTextFilterPlayer Software being used to play the Video (e.g. Video.js, JW Player, etc.)
player_error_codeIntegerViewError Code Number that identifies a fatal error (i.e. results in playback failure) being fired by the player
video_variant_idUnique IDAPI(Custom Metadata) Your internal ID for a video variant
view_total_upscalingMillisecondsAPIInternal number used to calculate Upscale Percentage Metric. Upscale Percentage = view_total_upscaling / view_total_content_playback_time
request_latency (view_average_request_latency)MillisecondsMetricMeasures the average time to first byte for media requests
player_source_urlURLViewVideo Source URL
time_to_first_frameMillisecondsMetric(Video Startup Time on Mux Dashboards) Measures from when the player has been instructed to play the video, to when the first frame of video (either content or preroll ad) is showing and the playhead is progressing.
viewer_user_agentTextAPIUser-Agent (e.g. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0))
player_heightIntegerViewHeight of the player as displayed in page, in pixels
player_preloadBooleanViewSpecifies if the player was configured to load the video when the page loads.
mux_viewer_idUnique IDViewA Mux Internal ID representing the viewer who is watching the stream.
viewer_os_architectureTextAPIOperating System Architecture (32bits or 64bits)
page_load_timeMillisecondsMetricMeasures the time from the initial user request for a page to the time when the video player is first initialized
country_nameTextUICountry of the viewer
player_source_durationMillisecondsViewVideo Source Duration
mux_embed_versionAPIViewInternal version of beacon formatting - ignore
view_total_content_playback_timeMillisecondsAPIInternal metric used in calculating upscale and downscale percentages.
player_error_messageTextViewMessage sent by the player when an error has been fired up (associated with an error code)
longitudeDegreesViewLongitude of the viewer, truncated to one decimal place
request_throughput (view_average_request_throughput)bits/secMetricMeasures the average throughput, in bits per second, for all media requests that were completed
video_titleTextFilter(Custom Metadata) Video Title
error_type (error_type_id)Unique IDMux-internal ID used to categorize errors.
page_urlURLViewPage URL
video_idUnique IDAPI(Custom Metadata) Your internal ID for the video
requests_for_first_prerollIntegerMetricMeasures the number of ad requests that are made up to the point of preroll ad playback beginning
view_seek_durationMillisecondsAPITotal amount of time spent waiting for playback to resume after the viewer seeks to a new location. Seek Latency metric in the Dashboard is this value divided by view_seek_count
player_source_domainTextAPIVideo Source Domain (e.g.
viewer_device_manufacturerTextViewDevice Manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Microsoft)
viewer_device_nameTextViewDevice Name (i.e. iPhone)
player_nameTextFilter(Custom Metadata) Identifies different configurations or types of players around your site or application
watch_timeMillisecondsViewTotal Watch Time across the view (includes Startup Time, Playing time, potential rebuffering)
source_type (player_source_type)TextViewFormat of the source, as determined by the player. E.g. 'dash', 'x-application/mpegUrl', 'mp4', etc.
rebuffer_count (buffering_count)IntegerMetricNumber of rebuffering events that happen during the video view.
source_hostname (player_source_host_name)TextAPIVideo Hostname (e.g.
player_versionTextFilter(Custom Metadata) As you make changes to your player you can compare how new versions of your player perform by updating this value. This is not the player software version (e.g. Video.js 5.0.0), which is tracked automatically by the SDK.
viewer_user_idUnique IDView(Custom Metadata) A Customer-defined ID representing the viewer who is watching the stream.
view_endTimeAPIDate and Time at which the view ended.
used_fullscreenBooleanViewIndicates whether the viewer used full screen to watch the video.
continent_codeISO CodeAPI2-letter ISO code identifying the Continent of the viewer (e.g. NA, EU)
player_software_versionTextFilterPlayer Software Version (e.g. 2.45.5)
view_startTimeAPIDate and Time at which the view started.
session_idUnique IDViewMux Session ID tracking a viewer's session
stream_type (video_stream_type)TextFilter(Custom Metadata) 'live' or 'on-demand'
video_seriesTextFilter(Custom Metadata) example: 'Season 1'
mux_api_versionTextViewInternal version of beacon formatting - ignore

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